Biology II

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Ryan Fredette
Neu Academic
Life Sciences/Biology

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Principles of Biology
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Nature Education
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Interactive Textbook

This Learning Exam covers important material outlined in a General Biology II course. It goes into detail about the diversity of life. Topics covered include evolution, viruses, prokaryotes, and eukaryotes. 

This Learning Exam covers important material from a General Biology II course on the Diversity of Life. Topics include evolution, taxonomy and phylogeny. This study guide is a reflection of this class and asks questions concerning specific clades on the phylogenetic tree. This test includes questions on evolution and Charles Darwin's ideas, Hardy-Weinberg principles, bilateria and radiata, protostomes and deuterostomes, plants and animals (ctenophores, platyhelminthes, porifera, chordates), and other questions pertaining to the diversity of life.